"Mary Ventura and The Ninth Kingdom: A Story" by Sylvia Plath

Hand illustrated by Vivian O’Shaughnessy for the Smith College Collection
"You Can Braille"
Braille Book - Mixed media
Private collection of the Pratt Institute Library - Brooklyn Campus
Braille Book
Mixed media
Private collection of the Library of Congress
Braille Book project
Mixed media
Homage to Simon Hantai
Mixed media
Click here to read about the inspiration
Tri-lingual daily entry journal
Here I utilized 3 sheets from to represent 3 languages in a Francis Bacon geometrical inspiration.
The Spanish poem was written by me while in Puerto Rico.
The cover and booklet are French paper; 1st green line bears my Irish name,
red/blue represent USA Puerto Rico Texas French flags and lower green,
Mexico where I learned to love Spanish culture as it borders Texas.
"Lemonade" a drawing on paper from a live performance at the Cell Theater,
on display on MoMA's website via Instagram
Article about my handmade books in the magazine of the Art Students League
"Us" Handmade book
Coll. of the Southbank Centre of London
Rare Books collection, poetry library - Royal Festival Hall.
Handmade Book
Coll. of the Direction des Edition du Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.
Handmade books displayed at the Flammarion bookstore located inside the Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.